Celebrate National Bagel Day By Entering To Win 1 of 2 Kindle Fires


Before you enter for a chance to win please comment below with your favorite bagel and what you like on it. The name you comment with will be used to enter the giveaway to unlock more points for an even greater chance of winning! Good Luck!

*Terms and conditions: This giveaway ends on February 9th at 11:59p. Two random winners will be selected on Thursday, February 10th at 9am to receive a Kindle Fire and a free digital copy of They Serve Bagels in Heaven. Winner has 7 days to claim prize or a new winner will be selected.


  1. LaraReply

    Sesame bagel, toasted, with regular cream cheese, lox, capers and red onion and I squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top. Heaven!

  2. AshleyReply

    My favorite bagel is the salt bagel and sometimes I like it toasted with butter and other times not toasted with cream cheese.

  3. PaulaReply

    My favorite bagel combinations are toasted sesame bagel with avocado & toasted sun dried tomato bagel with veggie cream cheese.

  4. Wendy McBrideReply

    I haven’t honestly tried any other than a plain bagel and it didn’t have a good flavor. I never had one until a few years ago. I will have to try the Asiago bagel everyone is raving about…

  5. Kimberly HuckabyReply

    I love a plain bagel with avocados or blueberry bagel with plain cream cheese on it 😋 So yummy nothing like it 👌🏼

  6. Sabrina FosterReply

    My favorite bagels are cinnamon raisin with butter. But really I haven’t met a bagel yet that I did not enjoy. Yum! Yum!

  7. Pietra CruzReply

    I love all bagels really, but my favorites are either an asiago or an everything bagel, toasted with veggie cream cheese! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  8. Debbie FReply

    I love jalapeno bagels with a big whopping dollop of cream cheese on them!
    Life is too short to skimp on the cream cheese. 🙂

  9. Linda FrankReply

    I prefer onion bagels (REAL onions please – NOT flavoring) lightly toasted with regular cream cheese – NOT whipped!

  10. Tammy EvansReply

    I go for sesame seed bagels with regular cream cheese and lox although sometimes I just go with butter, and, if the bagels are really fresh, sometimes I just have the sesame bagel with nothing on it!

  11. AngelaSReply

    I love a fresh bagel. I like them plain but prefer cinnamon raisin, banana nut, apple or blueberry. I also like to slice a bagel thinly, toast or air dry for bagel melba toast

  12. Leann GriffithsReply

    Just one favorite? That’s tough….Blueberry followed by a plain bagel with an onion bagel trailing closely behind.

  13. Beth MinyardReply

    My favorite is a salt bagel with pesto cream cheese. There is a little deli in Seattle that makes their own cream cheese and it’s AMAZING!

  14. Kellie NReply

    I went to New Jersey and had the best bagel sandwich and I always crave it! It was a garlic bagel with a chicken breast on it. SO YUMMY. I loved it. I wish more places sold garlic bagels because they are the best!

  15. M. L.Reply

    You know that caramel dip that you buy in a tub at the grocery store…that you’re supposed to dip fruit in? Take that, slather it on a toasted bagel, sprinkle a little salt on top…and you have a salted caramel bagel! You can make it a bit more breakfasty by throwing a couple slices of bacon on top. 🙂

  16. Kortney LahReply

    I love any kind of bagel, with anything on it. lately, I have been on a plain bagel with ham and garden cream cheese.

  17. Michael M MAReply

    I like em all. Never have the same type of bagel on consecutive days….Monday could be plain, Tuesday will never be plain, etc:)…Quirky kinda bagel guy and love a lil bit of everything. Eay, drink and be merry is my bagel style.

  18. Janice GabrielReply

    My very favorite bagel, which I rarely get to enjoy, is an onion bagel sliced in half and filled with lox, cream cheese, capers and red onions!

  19. Nancy MarchoReply

    I have two favorite bagels – onion bagels lightly toasted with a thick layer of butter and garlic bagels lightly toasted with a thick layer of plain cream cheese. So good!

  20. vicki lorenzReply

    I love a good Jalapeno Cheddar toasted with cream cheese. There is nothing better! Yum I would eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  21. Shea BalentineReply

    It’s a toss up between a chocolate chip bagel with strawberry cream cheese (tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry!) or an ancient grains bagel with bacon, egg and cheese on it =)

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