Soul Full Thoughts About Prince

“The key to helping yourself cross over well is living a life that’s got some level of devotion – heartfelt, passionate devotion – that gives you both discipline and delight.  Even if that devotion goes to caring for your Harley-Davidson or your stamp collection, if you live that devotion with a pure heart, you’ll be building the skills you’ll need to focus on the light and love that will carry you across the divide between heaven and Earth. “   

Quote from my book, They Serve Bagels In Heaven: One Couple’s Story of Love, Eternity and the Cosmic Importance of Everyday Life.

Based on the quote above, I have no doubt that Prince’s transition to the Other Side was a smooth and easy one. The Soul Purpose is an expression of what we know in our hearts we MUST do, what we feel compelled to leave behind so that our time here actually mattered. Prince’s Soul Purpose was surely his music and its messages, which touched millions of people.


Throughout his life, Prince lived his Soul Purpose with heartfelt, passionate devotion.

And he seemed to truly believe in an afterlife. In his song “Let’s Go Crazy,” he sings:

But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else
The after world
A world of never ending happiness
You can always see the sun, day or night.

Prince was a deeply spiritual man who studied the Bible about life and love  to keep himself grounded. He believed that studying often kept him  protected from “all the nonsense.”

Even Prince’s choice of the color purple as his signature color was a spiritual choice.  Purple, which is the color of the crown chakra, is associated with both earthly and spiritual power.

And Prince also had a Soul Mate.  She was the Vanity 6 lead singer whose real name was Denise Matthews.  Denise was one of Prince’s great loves, his former protégé and ex-girlfriend. Vanity died February 15 at the age of 57. Prince was 57 as well. They died 9 weeks apart. Coincidence? Maybe. But in the spiritual world, probably not.

Amongst other things, the Number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, destiny, soul purpose, generosity, romance, inner-strength, public relations, intuition, and strength of character.

It is said that the movie “Purple Rain” was about Vanity.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Mail UK when Prince heard Vanity had passed:

“Later, the Purple Rain star was remarkably candid about his memories of Denise, saying: ‘Her and I used to love each other deeply.’ He continued: ‘She loved me for the artist I was, I loved her for the artist she was trying to be.’ 

And in her 1997 book, Blame It On Vanity, Denise claimed that Prince was the only man she ever truly loved, Jet Magazine reported.”

We souls, with the help of our spiritual guides, elders and masters, plan our lives before we are born into them.  Earth is considered school, heaven is home. It would not surprise me to find out that the Soul Mates Prince and Vanity planned to be together in this lifetime to experience what they needed to learn together, planned to separate at some point so that each could accomplish individual goals, and also planned to die around the same time, to be reunited in heaven, which is truly home for each of us.

Choosing Death By Suicide


This is a deeply controversial issue when it is looked upon from an earthbound perspective, but it is a completely different matter if looked upon from the cosmic point of view, which often provides comfort and healing when people turn to the spiritual explanations for the seemingly unexplainable things that happen in their lives.

From a spiritual perspective, a person’s soul is a loving partner that planned the current life with the input of angelic beings and spirit guides – all trusting that good choices would be made that would enable the person to grow and evolve in this lifetime towards his/her highest and greatest good. No one is expected to be perfect, and no one is judged or rejected because of mistakes made, because mistakes are considered to be the seeds of lessons learned.

There is spiritual literature that supports the concept that each soul chooses the death experience.  Here’s a quote from Bob Olson’s book, Answers About The Afterlife: “Since the purpose of life is to have experiences that can only be known in physical form – including both positive and negative experiences – our soul might or might not feel any benefit from going through a particular dying experience.  While our personal free will does play a large part in how we die, it is our soul that ultimately decides when to pull our spirit out of our body. And when the spirit leaves, the suffering stops.”

The notion that a soul may choose to experience death with suicide assistance makes sense in a spiritual context. If we can accept that life is about experiences, choosing death in this manner may be teaching the soul something that will help that soul to heal and evolve in this lifetime.  

Who are we to judge another soul’s choices when it comes to life and death?

Taking “A Shine” to Being Mindful And Sober


What a concept!  The trend of meeting new people while sober, therefore, instead of seeing them…and yourself…through some sort of induced haze, everyone is more of the authentic person he or she truly is.

I bet a lot of people find this to be quite scary.  It probably feels pretty “naked” to walk into a room with most of your artificial defenses stripped away. But think about the advantages:  you may actually be able to more easily figure out that a person is toxic and not worth your time, or take the time to talk to that quieter person who is a gem in waiting for you.

Although many of these gatherings do not have any New Age Woo-Woo attached to them, there is still something meaningful and “soulful” going on:

Being loving and kind to others also includes Being Loving and Kind to yourself.  While a good massage or manicure and working out regularly are wonderful parts of self- love and self -care, they are only a part of the package.  Being Loving and Kind to yourself means to be conscious of how you are treating yourself. Any environment that encourages a person to consciously deepen, and actually remember, his or her tangible connections with others and also strives to bring people restoration and balance in today’s fast- paced world is a win- win -win, not only for the mind and the heart, but also for the soul.

Embracing Your Spirituality – An Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Event Recap


The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) of New York Edgar Cayce Center invited Irene to host an intimate New York City event, 5 Ways to Embrace Your Spiritual Awakening: One Couple’s Story of Transcendence.

During the two-hour event, Irene took the audience on a spiritual journey starting with what happened to her leading up to and after her late husband’s passing. She explained what happens to us when we transition from this life to the afterlife and provided tips that will lead to your own spiritual awakening.


She explained to the audience (which included members of press) that in order to have spiritual awakening, you must:

1. Love yourself.

2. Accept and handle things in life that you cannot control.

3. Learn to lovingly detach from the toxic people in your life.

4. There is cosmic importance to every decision we make, and every action we take.

5. Be kind and loving to everyone – including yourself.

Irene Weinberg

The event went well and the audience was highly engaged asking many questions, so much so that they stayed past the scheduled time to continue talking and sharing their experiences.

Following the event Irene signed copies of They Serve Bagels in Heaven, and a few had read the book prior to the event and were excited to attend this event to share how much they loved it.

Irene Weinberg

Signing books following the event

Irene Weinberg

Irene and audience members following the event

Here is a snippet on why it’s important to let go of toxic people from your life, which is also one of the steps toward spiritual awakening.

Holding on to toxic people in our lives and not detaching from them with love will block our own spiritual awakening.

A video posted by Irene Weinberg (@bagelsinheaven) on

Thank you to the A.R.E. of New York making this event possible. If you missed this event, don’t worry there will be other events coming up throughout the year. Check Irene’s appearance schedule here.

Hillary Clinton Declares Kindness For Each Other Will Stregthen Our Community Bond

I had an amazing spiritual awakening when my husband died next to me in a tragic car accident.  Of those three profound, life changing messages I  received  before, during and just after the accident, the third message, delivered  by an unemotional male voice that trumpeted in my head as I was being pulled through the window of my wrecked car, impacted me the most, because it told me to BE LOVING AND KIND TO EVERYONE.

The following quote is lifted from the victory speech Hillary Clinton made just after she won the South Carolina primary in a landslide:

“This campaign and our victory is for the Reverend, a presiding elder of the AME Church, who looked at all the violence and division in our country, and asked me the other night, “How, how are we ever going to strengthen the bonds  of family and community again?”

Hillary’s response:  “Well,  we’re going to start by working together with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other, even when we disagree. “

Hillary Clinton

Photo Credit: Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s new message about love and kindness and respect for others deeply resonates with me.  I am very thankful that this message is now becoming part of the political discourse, because it is truly an important, heaven sent message.  Its time has come and it needs to be spread throughout the land.

Blogger Review: Kitchen Table, The Hub of the Home

While I was reading this book and came upon the part of a tragic car accident where her husband dies and she is severely injured from the accident I kept thinking he must be alive when I get to the end of the book, but he is not. It’s not a sad ending but one of hope, love, and everyday kindness.

Irene writes that Saul’s soul was out of his body that was still in the car, and he watching the emergency crew, the hospital crew, and his wife. How does she know this? I think Saul told her.The book is a memoir, told by Saul, written by Irene. It’s a love story of their life on earth and the cross over.

The author, Irene Weinberg writes her story of the love and companionship she has with her husband Saul. Dealing with his death is such a loss that she begins a Spiritual Journey with her husband through speaking to him through mediums.

The healing journey also enables you to release those that harmed you physically or mentally in the past and have left this earth. That sounds wonderful, and something to work on in my own life. I don’t think I’d be ready to share a bagel with them though! maybe later. Irene knew her husband was going to die the day before he did. Something told her that, I guess I would have probably brushed that off and say all is well with the world. Who can know that?He did die in that tragic car accident. They were soul mates and the loss is intense. So how and where does the healing begin? With her Soul.

The author’s journey leads her to heal, evolve, and be conscious of what she says and does to others. It kind of reminds me of that “no regrets” saying. Your spiritual journey on Earth goes with you to Heaven so make it a good one!

Check out her full review here.


Blogger Review: Apple Moms In the Hudson Valley

Karen Proctor’s Review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

The love story of Irene and Saul begins not in this lifetime, They Serve Bagels in Heaven is a Memoir written by Irene Weinberg but told by her husband Saul, from Heaven. Their love story begin lifetimes before this and one would hope many more for them.   I received a copy of this book to review from Intro NYC Blogger Network. An autobiography/biography of a couple.  A woman who lost her husband too soon.

Irene lost Saul in a tragic car accident, she writes about her lifetimes with Saul through her voice and his after sessions with mediums and healers. They had over 5 lifetimes together before being Irene and Saul, interesting and spiritual journey for these two soulmates.  The love that radiated off the pages is what all couples should strive for.  I enjoyed learning about ow they were connected in the past, at different stages of their lives and in different relationships.

Irene has gone on to share her story both written and publicly.  On October 2nd, 2015 she was at the Apple Moms’ Moms Night Out in Westchester to share her story.  Capturing our hearts, she explained how she began her journey, telling her children and how she continues to communicate with Saul and share their story.  She misses him, you know that from the moment she begins speaking, and throughout the story.


image11Check out her full review here.




Blogger Review: Kirsten DiChiappari

I have a quote stuck in my head from comedian Julia Sweeney’s autobiographical show God Said Ha!

“What if Heaven is just an instant?”

Whether it is, or it isn’t, I am in no hurry to discover, but this book is a sweet, tender story of what happens after. And for those who haven’t experienced this kind of profound and tragic loss, what happens instead.

The cosmic importance of everyday life: Live life consciously. Be kind to everyone.

That message is transcendent. It has no religion, no tribe, no owners. It is universal.


Blogger Review: Food And Happiness

Kim Denne’s Review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

This story is an easy read, although It ended up being a deeper read than I had anticipated.

“They Serve Bagels in Heaven: One Couple’s Story of Love, Eternity, and the Cosmic Importance of Everyday Life” is a book written by Irene Weinberg, and it tells the love story of Irene and her husband Saul. What’s interesting about this particular story is that it explores how Irene dealt with Saul’s passing due to a tragic car accident, and how their love transcends time and space as we know it.

Irene turns to faith, religion, and holistic healers to help her through her healing process. Whether you are religious or not, and whether you believe in past lives or not, I believe that probably everyone will be able to connect with something in this book that touches so many angles of love, life, death, and healing.

The 137 page book could certainly help bring peace, understanding, or just a new perspective to anyone going through a grieving period, and even for those just looking to get a different perspective on love and soul mates.

Have you turned to any “non-traditional” healers when you have lost a love one? Have you received any messages from loved ones from “beyond”? Do you believe you’ve met your soul mate?

Check out the full review here.

Star Wars, The Force and Spirituality Align


The incredible Sci-Fi movie Star Wars offers profound spiritual lessons that are surprisingly in sync with spiritual lessons found in my book, They Serve Bagels In Heaven.

Star Wars’ Producer George Lucas actually planned to become a professional race-car driver in his late teen years. However, a terrible car accident just after his high school graduation ended that dream permanently, and changed George Lucas’ views on life. In an interview with Oprah, George Lucas said, “Maybe there’s a reason I survived this accident, that nobody should have survived…I was hit, broadsided, by a car that was going about 90 miles per hour. I should be dead… It did give me this perspective on life that said, you know, basically, I’m operating on extra credit… Let’s just go for it. I’m never afraid of dying. I feel like what I’m getting is bonus material.”

It appears that this experience took away George Lucas’ fears, especially his fear of death.

While in college, Lucas read a book by Joseph Campbell called The Hero With a Thousand Faces, about the ties between religion and myth. He read it again while writing his screenplay for Star Wars, which is a myth about the forces of good and evil set in a galaxy far away.

In the clip above, Yoda expresses his faith in using The Force for good. He counsels that Jedi who have passed on can still appear and guide the living. Can Yoda be talking about our deceased loved ones on the Other Side and how they are a force of love that never dies, that remains with us after their physical deaths?

Yoda also warns Anakin (before he becomes Darth Vader) about premonitions about pain, suffering and death to a loved one, because, he says, these premonitions can lead to a fear of loss, which provides an opening to “the dark side.”

That admonition reminds me of the amazing message I received, which served as a fateful premonition, two months before my husband Saul died next to me in a tragic car accident. I will never ever forget these words that reverberated inside my head, “Saul has to go. Many lessons will be learned by his death.”

Yoda tells Luke to rejoice for those who transform into The Force (when Obi One dies), and to train himself to let go of everything he fears to lose.

Can it be that Yoda is talking about the deceased crossing over into heaven? And how knowing that we do go on after our deaths helps us to let go of “the dark side,” our fear of death?

I have attended countless Galleries during which the deceased came through mediums to grieving loved ones. The messages received, in addition to undeniable proofs of survival, are often filled with love and forgiveness, counseling those on this side who are still suffering from losing their loved ones to ‘let it go.” I have even heard a deceased woman tell her widowed husband that she wanted him to let go of his pain and love again; therefore, she guided him to the woman who is now his new love.

“Death is a natural form of life,”  says Yoda.

“I saw how she would eventually blossom into a new life without me and how, at the end, I would be there to greet her in heaven,” said Saul.