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Becky Willis Review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

So, where do the bagels come into play? Well, I admit that I snatched up the opportunity to read this book because I thought it would be a light-hearted story about how Saul let Irene know all was well and that he was still able to get a bagel in Heaven (that perhaps was a memory of something they shared). This book’s message wasn’t a funny recollection of the crispy yet chewy treats my husband and I enjoy together, yet it was a more serious account of Irene’s healing. And that’s okay if it is something you are looking for. Me, a new mom, kind of struggled through some of the book, yet got the underlying message…bagels, whatever your “thing” is, that filter will be in your Heaven / your soul, whether the living or deceased can take comfort in knowing love can carry on after death.

This read was definitely filled with descriptive narratives and plenty of reasons to believe in something greater. It was moving and beautiful for healing a hurting soul. Recommended for anyone going through the loss of a spouse or anyone needing to be reminded of the power of true love / hope for tomorrow.

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Part Two of “Dance to Death Afterlife” Podcast with Irene Weinberg

Listen to Part Two here of “Dance to Death Afterlife” Podcast with Irene Weinberg speaking about her book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven.

In this episode, Irene will discuss about:


Part One of “Dance to Death Afterlife” Podcast with Irene Weinberg

Listen to Part One here of “Dance to Death Afterlife” Podcast with Irene Weinberg speaking about her book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven.

In this episode, Irene will discuss about:

  • How to face your fear of dying
  • The Afterlife Conference
  • The differences between her experience and other life after death experiences
  • The role regret plays in heaven
  • The author Robert Schwartz (Your Soul’s Plan, Your Soul’s Gift)
  • Staci Wells pe-birth planning sessions
  • How your life review is part of the evolution of the soul
  • How you will have a chance to heal on the other side
  • How to time travel as a reincarnated being
  • How you can choose who you will see in heaven, and who you communicate with
  • Communicating with the dead (with help from a medium), and how to sniff out a shyster
  • What was under Irene’s blouse

Blogger Review: Rants and Raves of a Crazed Mom

Vicky Cianci’s review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

How does one find closure from a tragic loss, especially when it is your soul mate. In this book Irene shares openly about how the Saul’s loss  The books discuss the story of Irene and Saul and the connection of their spirits through time. As Ingrid is looking for closure, there are little things which continually remind her of dear husband Saul. As Ingrid meets with a medium which connect her to Saul.

From the medium connection, there is how she learns from Saul how they always been connected through many reincarnations.  Each time period it is so emotional how they met and the suffering incurred during the period. The one thing that made them strong is how they were able to connect with each other. In each they brought out inner strength and a love so great that was to powerful to never break.

This is a love story, but more about how you connect inside. Each little piece inside is built from somewhere and based on Ingrid’s experience the voice in the woods shows love, concern and a bit frighten of how accurate it can be based on a meeting in each lifetime. Each decision and how the rippling effect that continues in the next lifetime, made me wonder how often can one find that true love connection that lasts many lifetimes.

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Blogger Review: A Simple Life

 Jaylnn Patterson’s review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

Wouldn’t it be the most terrible feeling in the world to survive a tragic car accident only to find out that your spouse died? I know for a fact I can’t even fathom my spouse to leave this earth without me. But sure enough Irene found this out first hand when her husband Saul passed away in a car accident that she survived. This book has to be read with an open mind, I guess you could say because it involves mediums and things of that sort. I for one don’t agree with things such as these.

With that being said, I felt really bad for the main character. I would be beside myself if I were to lose my precious husband. The author did a very well thought out and well researched story, so I commend her for that. This is purely the authors commentary and opinion and should be taken as such. otherwise a very delightful read especially something a little different than what I normally review.

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Metaphysical Center of New Jersey Fall Festival 2015

IMG_5035Last week I attended the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey’s Fall Festival 2015. This Mind, Body and Spirit expo is one of my favorites in the New Jersey area – the vibe and crowd is just incredible. The fall festival is a major fundraising event for the MCNJ (which is a non-profit and fully ran by volunteers), and proceeds help support programs and adult education outreach for the upcoming year. The day was filled with psychic readings, lectures and 60 of the finest metaphysical and holistic vendors in the area. Many of the psychics and mediums sold out for the day – and I was lucky enough to squeeze in a 15-minute reading to reconnect with Saul and see if her journey for the book was still on track. There was breathtaking jewelry, crystals, pottery and much more, plus enlightening talks and lectures.  Of course I too bought something there: a beautiful, signed ceramic that carries special Blessings and now sits in a sacred space in my home.


It was apparent that the many people who attended the Mind, Body and Spirit Expo, had a great time, vendors and customers alike!  Helen Van Slyke and her team, who put the event together, did an outstanding job.

I enjoyed sharing the story of my amazing spiritual awakening and signing my book to new readers. What made the event even more special is that it was a fund raiser for MCNJ, which serves and helps to enlighten so many people. I am already looking forward to next year’s event!

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Lady Gaga Has Learned The Lesson of Self-love

“Self-love is not some vain, narcissistic, ego-driven state. It is a state of mind wherein we value and cherish ourselves by both healing our issues and taking good care of our health as loving gestures to ourselves.” – Quote, They Serve Bagels In Heaven.

I am so very proud of Lady Gaga/Stefani. And also so very happy for her. It seems she’s had some sort of awakening as viewed in this video she released on Facebook earlier this month (click to watch):


Too many people seem to sleep walk through their lives without learning important lessons from their experiences that their souls incarnated in this current lifetime to learn. But our Lady Gaga is not one of those people. In this all important recent interview, she shares some poignant lessons fame has taught her, and talks about the boundaries she has created out of a newfound sense of self-love and integrity.

Stefani dislikes being used for shallow purposes such as selling perfume. She also dislikes sacrificing her passion and creativity to become an overworked money making machine for greedy people who have no concerns for her other than how they can use her to their own benefit.

She has become tired of being untrue to her real, authentic feelings and opinions because she is constantly being counseled to tailor her messages, online and otherwise, to others’ approval so that she will remain “popular.” She calls these communications “lies” because she is saying what people supposedly want to hear instead of what she (Stefani) really thinks about anything.

Lady Gaga has responded to the dissonance these false behaviors and expectations have created within her with healthy self-love. She has given herself permission to say NO when something does not feel right to her, and now holds on to what she believes to be true with authenticity and integrity.

Here’s another insightful quote from They Serve Bagels In Heaven:

“Take the time to be introspective. The future of your soul is dependent upon your conscious choice to evolve. It’s never a smooth journey. Like a toddler learning to walk, we will all take steps forward and backward, falling down and standing up again.

Most important is our choice to heal and evolve.”

Bravo Stefani.


Blogger Review: When Crazy Meets Exhausation

Stephanie Jankowski’s review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

Her voice, thick with New Jersey, was reminiscent of Marisa Tomei’s in My Cousin Vinny (or so thinks this Yank!). There was a sweetness to it, something calming about it. I couldn’t help but giggle as we spoke over the phone, giddy to have this brilliant woman at my disposal to ask any questions I wanted.


Let me take you back a couple of months to the day I received an email asking if I wanted to read this book that could possible change my life. How dramatic! A life changing book?! Sure, why not? <insert eye roll here> Then I looked it up on Amazon and scoured the reviews. I’ll tell you why I said YES to reading this book: because too many of us have lost loved ones, and have questions about the Other Side. Because the news only reports the bad, and the media shoves it down our throats until we choke on it. In a world of BLAH, They Serve Bagels in Heaven is BEAUTIFUL, and so is author Ms. Irene Weinberg.

I read the book in, like, record time. Since having kids, my bedtime is earlier and my days busier, which leaves little time for devouring books the way I used to. But I couldn’t put this one down. Whether you’re a believer or not, this sweet read has a fantastic love story at its core, and you need to snag a copy if for no other reason than to feel all the feels.

When Irene offered to chat with me over the phone, I jumped at the chance. After reading her book, I had so many questions. Soul mates! Past lives! The accident! Her Jewish faith! I couldn’t get enough. Fortunately, she showed me a lot more patience than Marisa Tomei showed Vinny, and this is the fruit of our labor…

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Mom’s Night Out: Westchester


On October 2nd, Irene had the opportunity to present They Serve Bagels In Heaven to a wonderful group of women and moms in the Hudson Valley. Karen Proctor, founder of Apple Moms in the Hudson Valley, throws these events throughout the year where moms can get together, chat, meet other moms and local businesses, and even have a drink and some food. A few of these women had actually experienced communicating with loved ones on the Other Side, but for the rest, Irene transmitted comforting new information filled with possibility.  Many left the event filled with the seeds of a new perspective about life and death.


“It is incredible to connect with women around the area and share my story, and to watch their reactions to love, soulmates and what happens after we leave this earth. I am excited to say many of them took to the book, and were eager to grab a copy.” – Irene