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Irene loves nothing better than sharing what she has learned with those who are eager to know.

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Irene Weinberg is a highly sought-after public speaker whose spirited lectures have inspired and motivated audiences at conferences and spiritual get togethers, as well as museums and bookstores nationwide. Irene is a motivating and moving speaker who talks from the heart. She opens up to the audience about her own personal experience, and how you can relate her connections with your own soul purpose. Some of her topics include:
- Lessons To Be Learned: We are in control only of how we choose to handle life’s challenges.
- The Importance of Healing: You have an important choice - to remain a victim of your life’s dramas and challenges or to separate from them and strive to overcome them by beginning to heal.
- Is This All There Is? Many people would like to believe that this one lifetime is all we have but my experiences dispute this. Not only do we survive our physical deaths, many of us will return again in different bodies so our souls can learn new lessons and continue to evolve.
- Is There Heaven and Is There Hell? Heaven is all around us, in a different dimension, at a higher vibration. From what I have learned, hell is not an actual place, but as a soul, if you have committed heinous acts while in a body, it is hell not to be able to continue to evolve until the remnants of your horrific acts have been atoned for and you will have to be forgiven by those you hurt.
- Soul Mates/Soul Purpose: Your Soul Purpose is the gift, be it simple or grand, that you came to share with the human race.
- No Need To Fear the Unknown: The great unknown is “Death.” However, there is no need to fear death because we do not die - our souls live on and we will be back!
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